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Our Mission is to serve:

Searchers want relevant pages when looking for businesses, services, retail outlets and professional services. 

Businesses can look to the internet to reach the increasing number of Canadians who turn to the web when they need something quickly.  They are looking for a product or service, so they’re ready to buy.  People who find your product or service and like what you offer are qualified leads.  They are worth getting.

Businesses lack an effective presence on the web not only because they have no web site but also whenever a potential customer search cannot not find their web site.  This happens:

  1.  because their search term does not match your site.

  2. when the search term matches but the site is not among the first 20 sites.

Meantime newspapers, magazines, Yellow Pages as ways of reaching customers is becoming less and less relevant every year.  Their ad revenue has droppen in half.  The trend of the buying customer turning exclusively to the internet is continuing.

Note this very carefully:  

  1. Customers choose to go to the internet to find products and services so other forms of advertising become less cost effective.  For example, as fewer customers go to the Yellow Pages means those listings are competing for a smaller market.  The more expensive ads may take those customers.

  2. Customers who go to the internet only look at a few web sites and a few sponsored links or small ads.  Many relevant web sites miss out completely.  A more expensive web site may be passed over if another web site does a better job of appearing on the first page of search results.

How does the small business compete in this fight for customers?  Our answer is a custom compiled portal dedicated to the city area.  Mississauga-pages will provide a means for the small business serving Mississauga to be found by customers searching the web.

We need team members with a heart for this mission.  You will receive a reasonable return for your effort, a sense of accomplishment and flexible working hours. 

The Mississauga-Pages Team

Chief Executive Officer

Helps in the design and management of the business system and the business plan and is responsible for executing the plan.

Human Relations Officer

Finds and hires the team; manages payroll details.

Chief Financial Officer

Hleps design and manage cash flow, accounting, payroll and business plan.

Phone Marketing Manager

Makes up the list of contacts and gives to the Phone Marketing Persons.  Trains and supports the Phone Marketing Persons.

Phone Marketing

The phone marketing person phones a specific list of contacts.  Sends a proposal / introduction to contact by e-mail.  Phones to get make appointment for the writer / photographer / account manager to visit the contact.

Account Manager

Visits contact in person contact with the detailed proposition to present in orally and visually.

Makes the sale.

Makes arrangements for payment.

Makes arrangements for or handles on the spot writing and photography.

Reporter / photographer

Gets web site information from local businesses including photos or video footage.  Makes apointment for interview, tapes and writes up this interview to provide information to copywriter.

Copywriter wanted Mississauga

Writes the sales copy for a landing web page for the client.

Copy Editor /

Edits sales copy  .

SEO Editor

Edits copy and designs for Search Engine Optimization

Photo Editor

Edits photographs for Web Design.

Web Design

Designs the web page with input from SEO and Photo Editing.


Manages the web site and launches the web page.


Volunteers who provide content about some area of their city.  For those who have knowledge they want to share about their city's life.  If you can't write a writer or editor can help you get it in writing.  Photo's or video will enhance your write up. 

Contact: George Hartwell, owner (416) 234-1850